Muhurat for marriage in october 2020

In Hinduism, people always tend to look for an auspicious time to perform any task. For the success of a task and for encouraging results, every work begins on an auspicious time.

Be it is a wedding, starting a business, buying a new car, etc. According to the Hindu calendar, the Muhurta is derived based on the date, constellation, the moon's position, and the planets' position. So let us tell you in detail in about the most auspicious times in October. Click here to consult now! Among the 16 rites of Hinduism, the fifteenth is the marriage ceremony. Therefore, auspicious time is important for a marriage. However, there is no auspicious time of marriage in October of According to the Hindu calendar, Chaturmas a period of four months is considered inauspicious for Hindu weddings.

This time it starts from 12 July and ends on 9 November Any vehicle, be it a bike, car, bus, etc. On the other hand, a vehicle purchased in an unfavorable or inauspicious time can bring the vehicle owner many difficulties besides hampering the owner's potential progress and prosperity.

If you buy land at an inauspicious time, then you may face losses.

muhurat for marriage in october 2020

So, let us tell you about the auspicious times to purchase land in October Want to know about the highly auspicious business dates in October ? Did you know that these dates can also be used to open a shop, conduct any commercial transactions, or execute financial deals? A business that begins operations in an auspicious timethere is a possibility of expansion and growth in the future. So let's know about the bright times to start a business in the month of October The naming ceremony is one of the most important of the 16 rites described in Hindu culture.

muhurat for marriage in october 2020

The naming ceremony is mostly done, keeping in mind the auspicious time so that the newborn is a recipient of success, prosperity, happiness, peace, and post-eminence in life. So let us tell you in detail about the auspicious times in October Durga Maha Navami will be celebrated on 24 October. Pratipada date starts - from 01 pm on 17 October Pratipada date ends - 17 October till PM.

On this day, Rama killed Ravana, and good triumphed over evil. On this day, Kheer is made and placed in front of the moon's illuminance. On this day, the moon is of 16 arts, and the rays emanating from it are like nectar.

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Marriage Muhurat Calendar 2021 | Shubh Vivah Lagan Dates

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Bloodhound Land Speed Record project seeks new owner. Tech stocks climb in volatile trading as investors await mega-cap earnings.Forgot your password? According to Hindu religion, devotees believe in doing every propitious task in a Shubh Muhurat. A Muhurat is the Shubh time duration mentioned in the Vedic Panchang in which one can begin their important and auspicious tasks.

As such, marriage being a holy joining of two souls, we look for the Shubh Hindu marriage dates in Hinduism considers that this togetherness, through the pious relationship of marriage, is for seven lives, not one. When the bride and groom take seven rounds around the fire, they make seven vows to each other, which they will fulfil through the seven lives they remain together. Thus, they must take these vows under a Shubh muhurat, which is the Marriage muhurat or the Vivah muhurat.

Hindu Marriage Dates in As we mentioned earlier, a wedding, according to the Hindu religion, is a bond that transcends time and even lives.

2020 Hindu Marriage Dates with Muhurat or Shubh Time Schedule Update Puja News 2020

This unbreakable bond of two souls is said to continue for seven lifetimes between the husband and wife. Vedic Sanskriti describes four ashrams for any human beings, namely brahmacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha, and sanyaas.

Of these, the foundation of grihastha ashram is marriage. Just as the seven colours of rainbows, the seven Rishis in the sky, there are seven Pheras or rounds in Vivah Sanskar. These seven rounds are a significant ritual in a marriage, as without them Pheras the wedding is not deemed complete, and each Phera round has a particular meaning attached to it.

Before finalizing things between a couple, kundali matching for marriage is done. There are 36 gunas for each person, and when at least 24 of the 36 Gunas match, then the marriage has higher chances of being a success. Once Kundali matching for marriage is complete, astrologers select an auspicious date, day, nakshatra, and time according to the birth charts of the bride and groom.

Hindu Marriage Dates in 2020 - Marriage Muhurat 2020

These details together form the Marriage Muhurat. They analyze the planetary positions and nakshatras in the following way and come up with the Hindu marriage dates in While talking about marriage, the term lagna concerns the time of the Pheras rounds and the rituals before that. Once the marriage muhurat is confirmed, the next step is deciding the time of lagna. Any mistakes in ascertaining the Vivah Lagna is a primary dosha which one must avoid at all costs.

For the Vivah Sanskar, each factor corresponds with something of the native. Thus, the date is body; the Moon corresponds to their heart; the yoga and nakshatras are for the body parts; while the lagna is the soul. Hence, the marriage is incomplete without the lagna. As per the Astrology scriptures, one should not conduct auspicious tasks like marriage in the Bhadra Kaal, but it also has a remedy for the time of need.

On the flip side, one can always compute the Marriage Muhurat in the Godhuli Kaal. The time when the Sun is about to set, and the herds of cows are causing the dust to rise under their hooves while returning home; it is known as the Godhuli Kaal. However, this is a rare occurrence. Scriptures suggest that one should forget all auspicious tasks in this duration, and immerse oneself in chanting, meditation, and paying homage to the Gods and Goddesses. Only after the end of this period of four months, when the Lord wakes up again, can the auspicious functions restart.

That's all we have in Marriage Muhurat update. Talk to Astrologer.New to AstroSage? Sign Up. Forgot Password? Forgot Username? Marriage Muhurat Marriage is one of the sixteen samskaras in Hinduism that begin before the birth of a native and ends posthumously.

The Hindu Marriage Dates in table below contains the complete list of Vivah muhurat with date, day, nakshatraand muhurat duration. Additionally, you can also learn more about the Vivah Sanskarwhy marriage muhurat is significant, and the various rituals to do during the marriage lagna or Vivah lagna.

The marriage ceremony is a sacred union of two souls. Two entirely different people come together, end their separate existences to form a united entity. With the commemoration under the auspicious Marriage Muhuratthey promise to stand strong together, through all the good and bad times in their life. God created man and woman with many positive traits and some imperfections. This is why the Vivah Sanskar, the fifteenth of the sixteen sanskars is one of the most important, and why kundali matching and Hindu marriage dates in are equally essential.

As per the ancient scriptures, the Vivah Sanskar enables a person to do Yagya for the Devtas and carry forward their dynasty. Additionally, as they fulfil their responsibilities, they move ahead on the path to Moksha Salvation. Before finalising the relation, there is the tradition of kundli matching. At least 18 of the 36 gunas of the couple should match, in order for them to have a happy marital life. The ceremony needs to occur in a shubh muhuratlike any essential task. Thus, the calculation of Hindu Marriage Dates in is crucial.

The Shastras describe the following stages in a marriage ceremony, to be held on one of the Hindu Marriage Dates in The rituals and traditions of the Hindu marriage ceremony are self-explanatory, justifying that the wedding is not a contract or bargain, but instead a holy bond. Like any auspicious task, Shastras insist that one should organise the Vivah Sanskar in a shubh muhurat The calculations of Hindu Marriage Dates in depends on the panchang and kundali of the bride and the groom.

Marriage Shubh Muhrat October 2020 | Marriage Muhurat Dates | Wedding Muhurat October 2020

Several factors are taken into account while computing the Marriage Muhurat One should not organise the Vivah Sanskar during the Chaturmas, the four lunar months when Lord Vishnu goes to sleep in the Ksheer Sagar.

Any essential task is prohibited in this duration. In the same vein, marriage should also not be held during the Kharmas, when the Sun transits through the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

All these things and more should be kept in mind while deciding on one of the Hindu marriage dates in ; otherwise, it is considered inauspicious. On the flip side, when it is making its transitory motion through Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces are not suitable for Marriage Muhurat Similarly, the beneficial days for Vivah Muhurat are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; whereas the tithis to consider are Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi, and Trayodashi second, third, fifth, seventh, eleventh, thirteenth day.

The correct calculation of Marriage Muhurat is crucial. Shastras maintain that if one does not organise a wedding in shubh muhuratthen numerous atrocities can befall them. Don't have a UserId? Don't have a User Id? Sign In. Marriage Muhurat - Hindu Marriage Dates Marriage Muhurat Marriage is one of the sixteen samskaras in Hinduism that begin before the birth of a native and ends posthumously. Magha K. Dwitiya Dhanishta From to 29 January Wednes.

Magha S. Phalguna S.Planetary Movements. Vivah muhurat plays an important role while deciding a wedding date, especially in Hindu marriage.

It is believed that marriages performed on inauspicious wedding muhurat often have negative implications on the couple. Often the first step of initiating a marriage is Kundali matching and after this step is processed, the next one is to find the most auspicious Shadi muhurat. Astrologers generally consult the Janam Kundali of the bride and groom to calculate the most auspicious Vivah lagan muhurat, which results in multiple dates, and then one of the most suitable dates is finalized.

However, there are days, which are considered as favorable for Shadi muhurat for everyone. This article will help you in finding the auspicious marriage muhurat for each month in the year Shubh time for performing the marriage rituals can be found using the Choghadiya timings according to the daily panchang.

These days in the Hindu calendar are also called Abujh Muhurat. On these days, any auspicious work can be carried out, without first consulting with the Pandit. Abujh Muhurat is often also known as Abujh Sawa. In the yeara prospective couple can get married on these dates, without worrying about the shubh muhurat for marriage. Basant Panchami. Akshay Tritiya. Peepal Poornima.

Devutthani Ekadashi. Shubh Vivah Muhurat calendar is prepared after performing the Panchang Shuddhi, which provides the most auspicious dates for performing marriage rituals.

See also best mehendi designs. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Learn more. Login Ask An Astrologer. Forgot your Password? Log In. Western Birth Chart. Puja Room Solutions. Personalized Predictions. Month Panchang. Day Panchang. Ask a Muhurat. Gowri Panchangam.Notes: All timings are represented in hour notation in local time of Rybinsk, Russia with DST adjustment if applicable.

Hours which are past midnight are suffixed with next day date. In Panchang day starts and ends with sunrise.

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There is no fixed formula to calculate an auspicious Muhurat for marriage rituals. Even Hindu sages had different viewpoints on some of the elements considered while selecting auspicious marriage dates. Hence one has to be careful and should analyze different opinions while calculating auspicious dates for marriage. Further one needs to be practical while finding auspicious dates and should consider most significant elements and ignore less significant elements.

If you want to understand how auspicious marriage dates are calculated on this page please read Vivah Dates Calculations. Panchang Shuddhi gives not only auspicious marriage dates but also Shubh time to perform marriage rituals. Hence Panchang Shuddhi for auspicious marriage dates is done after removing days when Shukra and Guru Tara are set or combusted. All days during Leaped Lunar month are also removed during Panchangam Shuddhi.

We list only those Muhurats which prevail at least for 4 hours and Muhurats which prevail for less than 4 hours are discarded. Muhurats are calculated from Sunrise to Sunrise. All auspicious marriage dates and marriage timings are location-based and it is important to set the city first before noting down Shubh Marriage Dates and Vivah Muhurat. Panchang Shuddhi is the first step to decide auspicious marriage day and a learned scholar in astrology should be consulted before choosing a marriage date out of published marriage dates.

Sunsign Shraddha Calculator. Icons Facebook Pages. Home Muhurat Vivah Muhurat. Rybinsk, Russia. Search City. Add Custom Location. Rybinsk, Jaroslavl, Russia. January January 1,Wednesday. January 2,Thursday. January 3,Friday. January 4,Saturday. January 5,Sunday. January 6,Monday. January 7,Tuesday. January 8,Wednesday. January 9,Thursday.

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January 10,Friday. January 11,Saturday.Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates — Panchang. Maitreya Muhurtham to Auspicious Property Purchase Dates — Panchang. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Chandigarh, Punjab. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Imphal, Manipur. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Mumbai, Maharashtra. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Bengalore, Karnataka. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Ranchi, Jharkhand. You must log in to post a comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates - Subha muhurtham days in By tamiljothidamtips Last updated Nov 9, Like this: Like Loading You might also like More from author. Prev Next.

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Sign in. Home Articles. Vedic Astrology Lessons Basic Concepts. Yogas in Vedic Astrology. Rahu Ketu Transit. Maitreya Muhurtham. Welcome, Login to your account. Forget password? Remember me. Sign in Recover your password.

A password will be e-mailed to you.Any tasks taken up during an auspicious period of time turns auspicious, especially if it is very important for a life-changing event like a marriage.

The ritual of marriage is such that when carried out at the right time it makes the married life strong with a good foundation. It is believed that if any task is taken up during a good period, then any obstacles or problems that are probable can be avoided because of the influence of the auspicious time slot. Love and marriage are two shades that commence the journey of a couple. In this case, if an auspicious time is selected to carry out this ritual, then it will prove to be very beneficial.

As such a lot of factors need to be considered before deciding upon marriage Muhurat. But, besides there are Muhurats which are generically good and can be used to carry out the marriage ritual. For instance, Muhurats like Vasant Panchami, Akshay Tritiya, Dasara, Devuthi Ekadashi, etc are so good in itself that if auspicious rituals like marriage are performed during these periods then it will lead to a lot of benefits.

Besides these, if you desire a specific time and month then an auspicious time can be computed based on Panchang and Shubh Muhurat. The birth signs of the bride and the groom are taken into account while computing the auspicious date of marriage.

For example, if a Gemini groom is marrying an Aries bride then the ideal dates for their marriage will be 20, 21, 28, 29, 30 and The following dates will be good for marriage in the month of October.

muhurat for marriage in october 2020

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